203 C Wellesley Dr SE Albuquerque, NM 87106

Kim Deschampheleire

My journey into the business of personal training was not obvious. I was the kid who always got picked last in P.E.

In college I discovered weight lifting, which to my delight was not a team sport and didn't involve any objects coming at me at high speeds.

In 1999 I got certified as a personal fitness trainer and started working part time in the fitness industry while attending architecture school. After graduating and getting a job in the field I quickly realized I preferred working one on one with clients to sitting at a desk staring at lines all day long.

I decided to give fitness a go as a full time career and dove headfirst into continuing my education as a personal trainer by studying Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques and becoming a Resistance Training Specialist.

It turned out that my studies in architecture were the perfect foundation for understanding joint motion, muscle anatomy and force application, the key components of resistance training. Coupled with a passion for detail this newfound knowledge helped me become a trainer who is focused on figuring out how to optimize a client's body mechanics so that they can participate in an active lifestyle without pain or injury.

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