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Expand your knowledge, improve your workout

The fitness industry consists of a lot of yelling AT you:

Buy Joe's 28 Day Fitness Program! Jill's Four Week Bootcamp, guaranteed weight loss! Train like a pro with Dan!

But is anyone listening TO you? How do you know what's right for you?

Trainers claim to provide personal training, but after hearing your goals and concerns they subject you to the same ten exercises all their other clients are performing, with no regard for your individual anatomy.

What if you had the knowledge and understood the fundamentals of physics and anatomy so that you could sort through the noise?

At Tensegrity Fitness the focus is your fitness education. Get a better workout through understanding the elements and variables at play: what muscles and joints are involved, how tempo and duration affect precision and control, why the weight on the dumbbell in your hand doesn't equal the amount of resistance.

Tensegrity Fitness can help you gain the insight you need to feel empowered about your fitness decisions whether you're looking for a long term one-on-one commitment to support an active lifestyle, or a short term engagement with a very specific goal.

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